The rich virgin soil of Amatitan, Mexico coupled with the obsidian volcanic rock of the region infuse their minerals into the composition of the blue agave plant giving our master distillers the very best to choose from.


In order to experience the full flavor of the agave, it is crucial to allow each batch to reach full maturation over a period of 8-12 years to supply perfection for each and every bottle produced.


Once harvested and hand selected, each agave piña is slow cooked in an adobe brick oven over a period of up to 48 hours to harness the plant’s full flavor extracting the plant’s fermentable sugars.


Los Négros prides itself on foregoing added yeast to its organic juices instead opting for a natural fermentation process that spans over a period of 1-2 weeks.


For our Reposado & Añejo expressions, our distilled blue agave juice is aged in French Oak barrels. A rich golden brown color will settle from the barrel into the juice, the darker, the richer.


Fresh natural well water is added to the twice distilled agave juice to reach a perfect 80 proof/40%abv for your sipping pleasure.


The leftover agave piña fibers of Los Négros are disposed of properly via recycling as furniture, home insulation, paper, textiles, etc

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