The Brand

Los Negros: [lohss NEH-grohs]

- 1. The Blacks

Founders Thaddeus Massey and Randy Morgan found inspiration in the color wheel when naming their tequila brand, Los Négros. The color Black, represented prominently on the wheel, encapsulated a spectrum of positive attributes, from elegance and sophistication to mystery and timelessness. Recognizing that tequila often faced misconceptions and stigmas, they sought to harness the power of these associations to transform the spirit’s image. Just as Black signifies a timeless and sophisticated appeal, they envisioned Los Négros Organic Tequila as a symbol of strength, authority, and respect within the world of spirits, drawing a parallel between the rich heritage of tequila and the enduring qualities of the color Black.

  • Authority: From priests to judges, tuxedos to credit cards, presidential motorcades to martial arts designations, the color Black has long been associated with authority & prestige. Los Négros’ diverse expression profile is suited to join the ranks of authority in the world of spirits.
  • Elegance: Thaddeus and Randy aimed to infuse their tequila brand with elegance, using Black, a symbol of elegance on the color wheel, as its core theme to create a sophisticated and refined image.
  • Mystery: Recognizing the misconceptions and mysteries surrounding tequila, they chose the name Los Négros to evoke a sense of mystery and intrigue, inviting consumers to explore and understand this spirit better.
  • Power: Los Négros was intended to symbolize power and authority within the spirits industry, much like the commanding utility of Black amongst the upper class.
  • Timelessness: They wanted their tequila to stand the test of time, just as the color Black represents timelessness. The name Los Négros reflects their commitment to a classic and enduring product.
  • Protection: Thaddeus and Randy sought to protect and uplift the reputation of tequila, aligning it with the protective qualities of Black to shield it from unfair stigmas.
  • Depth: Los Négros was crafted to have depth in flavor, mirroring the complexity associated with the color Black in art, design, & fashion.
  • Formality: Los Négros conveys formality, making it a suitable choice for formal occasions and signaling their intent to bring a sense of formality and respect to tequila.
  • Simplicity: They embraced the simplicity and minimalism embodied by Black, allowing the tequila’s true character to shine without unnecessary distractions.
  • Mourning: Often associated with mourning in various cultures, Black recognizes the heritage of tequila, paying respects to its rich history.
  • Modernity: Los Négros embodies a sleek and contemporary aesthetic, symbolizing a fresh perspective on tequila production while respecting age-old traditions.

In embracing the rich symbolism of Black, Thaddeus and Randy have not only crafted Los Négros but have also welcomed consumers into a world of prestige, sophistication, and ambition. Just as their tequila embodies these qualities, they invite you to join La Familia Négra, a community that appreciates the power and timelessness of this iconic Mexican spirit, while challenging misconceptions and fostering a deeper respect for tequila’s heritage. In many cases, Black is not represented on the color wheel as it is not considered “a” color but the embodiment of ALL colors, Los Négros is for EVERYONE. Raise a glass to the family that celebrates the allure of Black, where every sip is a testament to excellence and tradition. ¡SALUD!

The Bottle

This artisanal bottle of tequila is a masterpiece of cultural homage, sustainability, and craftsmanship, embodying the spirit of Mexico with a modern twist. Each bottle is unique, showcasing imperfections that tell a story of its handmade origin, emphasizing the authenticity and individuality of the experience it offers.

The bottle is crafted from recycled glass, reflecting a commitment to environmental sustainability and a nod to the community’s resourcefulness. Commonly referred to as “The Champagne of Mexico”, its shape is reminiscent of traditional champagne bottles, signifying the history, prestige, and celebration associated with tequila, elevating it to a status of high regard and festivity. This design choice not only honors the beverage within but also serves as a symbol of the joy and celebration of life that tequila brings to any occasion.

Adding to its distinctiveness, oxidized metal plates are affixed to the bottle, a tribute to the rich history of tequila production. These plates carry the weight of centuries of tradition, telling the tale of tequila’s journey from local farms to global recognition, while their weathered appearance reflects the passage of time and the enduring legacy of the craft. The foundation of the bottle dons an embossed mother agave plant symbolizing the Earth & plant from which the juice in the bottle are derived.

Crowning the bottle, a stopper in the shape of a lion stands proudly, a testament to the strength and majesty of tequila within the world of spirits. This lion, a powerful symbol of leadership and courage, positions tequila at the apex of the spirits’ food chain, asserting its superiority and revered status.

Every component of the bottle, from its materials to its design elements, supports small businesses throughout Mexico. The choice to patronize local artisans and suppliers for everything from the glass to the metalwork reinforces a commitment to community and sustainability. It’s an investment in the local economy, celebrating and uplifting the craftsmanship and cultural heritage of the region.

This bottle of tequila is more than a beverage; it’s a celebration of Mexican culture, history, and artisanship, a tangible representation of the country’s spirit and the dedication of its people to excellence and sustainability

The Juice

For Los Négros, the importance of producing a USDA Organic and OK Kosher certified tequila, free from unnecessary additives, is a testament to their commitment to health, authenticity, and respect for tradition. By partnering with 4th generation master distillers, Los Négros underscores a dedication to crafting tequila as it was originally intended—pure, unadulterated, and reflective of the rich, natural flavors of its ingredients. This meticulous approach ensures that each bottle is not only a celebration of tequila’s heritage but also aligns with the increasing consumer demand for cleaner, more transparently produced spirits. The certifications stand as a promise to the consumer; a guarantee of quality and purity, ensuring that the tequila inside is crafted according to stringent organic and kosher standards, without compromising on taste or authenticity. In a landscape often dominated by mass-produced spirits laden with additives, Los Négros sets a higher standard, championing a healthier, more conscious way to enjoy tequila, honoring the earth and the traditions that have made it a beloved spirit across the world.